UFO Core Story Revealed By RealityUncovered.net

After several years of digging, fact-checking, collecting and analyzing data, and observing social networks within the UFO community - the hoax-busting researchers at RealityUncovered.net (which in fairness, I must disclose that I co-founded with Stephen Broadbent) is finally moving forward with releasing all information and data collected over the course of those years.

This data collection started with an analysis of a story called Serpo - a hoaxed story about a 1950's alien/human exchange program first released in 2005. Researchers quickly ascertained Rick Doty as the source, and from that point on the data and evidence gathered painted a disturbing picture of an elaborate scam stretching back several decades, and touching on age-old Ufology tales such as MJ12, Roswell, and more.

One central element to this several-year study is a "Core Story" created by three individual scientists, many years ago in the early 1980s, during a late-night philosophical discussion at a Denny's Restaurant. Those three scientists were Jacques Vallee, Christopher "Kit" Green, and Harold Puthoff.




General Striker said...

It's not difficult to imagine HP and KG submersing themselves ever deeper into the paranoia of the COS after the death of Hubbard. But because of their enthrallment with LRH they ignored the sordid little truth that the cult came into being as the result of a beer bet between Heinlein and Hubbard. At least Hubbard had a sense of humor. The COS core story only became important when it was cynically conflated with the Roswell story. Serpo then is the disingenuous puppet show resulting from that marriage of science and fiction. An extension of the Hubbard Method. That RP and other IC operatives found it useful is another story altogether- one that trapped DS in this pernicious hall of mirrors, perhaps even at the cost of his sanity. Can you say, "Bennewitz?" The road to disinfo hell is strewn with useful fools. Dead puppets laying on a heap of their own stuffings. Scattered amongst that fluffy detritus find Ryan Dube, Chris Iverson, Bren, Victor, Bill Ryan, Rick and the rest of the mediocre minds crowd.

On a side not: HP's snooker of the chicken man is new information for me. I'd love to hear more about that!

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so you want i should whack apeci now- or just let him vibrate himself into a cheap condiment?

Ryan Dube said...

Well then - this mediocre mind will do his best to provide you with even more information that is new for you. ;) Stay "tooned." (-Ry)