Portugese Fraudster Nuno Alves - UFO Magazine Gets It Wrong

In a perfect example of the terrible state of Ufology in the world today, I received the following story today via email from a friend. The story comes from Brazilian Ufologist Pepe Chaves, who deserves a medal of Valor and Honor for his relentless efforts to bring Truth and Honor back to a field that's overrun by charlatans and con-artists.

The following article was writting by Pepe, however I have taken the liberty of re-editing the article for our American readers. Pepe did a wonderful job with the article, but English is not his first language, so some of the passages are not as clear as they could have been. Pepe, if you are reading this, I hope you do not mind. Again - very much respect for your excellent and ethical work, and good job to your fellow researchers for exposing this fraudster to the world.



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