Dan Smith - Who's That?

If you've been following UFOlogy for years, you've probably heard of the likes of Bruce Maccabee, J. Allen Hynek, or Jacques Vallee, but you've probably never heard of Mr. Dan Smith.

The story of this man actually starts back in the 1970s and 1980s when he started out as a researcher of crop circles. In a parallel story, around the same time, Bruce Maccabee was busy researching New Zealand UFO sightings and was subsequently contacted first by Dr. Christopher Green of the CIA, and then later by Dr. Ronald Pandolfi, Dr. Green's successor. The short story is that they each invited Maccabee to the CIA to provide some background, not only regarding his New Zealand research, but also regarding UFOlogy overall. Maccabee was also the UFOlogist who Pandolfi tasked with writing up a brief for Clinton's scientific advisor on the current state of UFOlogy.

Given these activities, it's little surprise to learn that Pandolfi also contacted crop circle researcher, Dan Smith, around the same time.



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