Bruce Maccabee – A Case Study of a Regular Ufologist

Bruce Maccabee is an interesting figure within the history of Ufology. He unknowingly played a pivotal role in the distribution of Ufology’s “Core Story,” related to the MJ-12 storyline.

In the latest “Rotten to The Core” update at, the folks at have revealed another significant piece of the puzzle related to the earliest days of the CIA’s interest in Ufology. In particular, his interactions with the CIA during the late 1970’s provide insight into the thought process and activities of CIA officials who were also interested at the same time in the field of parapsychology, as evidenced in the later declassified “Stargate” documents.

Maccabee obtained a bachelor’s degree at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and then a Masters and a Doctorate in Physics at The American University in Washington, D.C. He’s certainly no fool. His reports on UFO sightings are filled with valuable and informative, yet somewhat dry, data and analysis of UFO events.