Bruce Maccabee's "Hawk Tales" Reveals the Background Story

The latest update at titled "Bruce Maccabee Interviews Ernie 'Hawk' Kellerstrass" adds a bit more depth, as well as much more clarity, to the background story behind the RealityUncovered Serpo investigation and the MJ-12 background story. Revealed in this 1985 interview, and published by Bruce Maccabee in his article "Hawk Tales," is an intriguing connection between the private discussions that allegedly took place at Wright Air Force Base from 1978 through 1979, and the later stories that were distributed throughout Ufology during the 1980's, otherwise known as the "MJ12 Disclosures."

The parallels between the story told by Ernie's alleged source, Dale Graff, during those late-night discussions and the stories published in 1985 as "MJ-12" or "Project Aquarius" and even later as "Project Serpo," are amazing.

As described in the RU article, the reader should notice the following critical points in both:

(1) A secret book containing information about “EBE”, multiple alien races
(2) Early history from 10,000 years ago to the time of Christ
(3) Captured Alien Craft and Bodies/Prisoners
(4) Aliens as vegetarians
(5) Their star-system having a double-star, or double-sun.

There are many more details from the discussions originating in the 1970's and the stories that were made public in the 1980's - details that will be outlined in future updates. But what's most disturbing about the whole episode is that it seems wherever this specific material or "philosophy" surfaces, you can find at least three specific people: Kit Green, Hal Puthoff, and Rick Doty. Are there others? If so, who are they and what are their roles in the story? These are the questions that need to be answered once and for all. And finally, with this latest release from RU, new identities and their roles are more clearly revealed, and the plot is starting to become much more clear.


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