TopSecret Upgrading to Domain Name Soon

This past month, we've had some exciting things taking place at After starting this blog and firing off a number of preliminary releases, we decided to launch the RU blog on the RealityUncovered domain.

Since then we've released an overview of Bruce Maccabee's interview of Ernie Kellerstrass in Hawk Tales. Following up with that, we've released a portion of our 2007 interview with Dale Graff himself, the man Kellerstrass claimed was the source of many of his claims which were eventually published in Bob Collin's book Exempt from Disclosure.

Wrapped among all of that information there's an underlying theme that goes to the core of the old MJ12 stories and documents, tracing all the way back to the 1970's.

Over the past few weeks, additional RealityUncovered releases reveal more about some of the history related to the resurgence of the Roswell myth, and most recently an exclusive and comprehensive analysis of the very early Aztec hoax. The response has been overwhelming, and we're pleased to have so many people following along with these investigations - there's much more to come.

As for the future of this blog, I've decided to continue publishing articles related to ancillary investigations that I've personally conducted along the way. To advance the purpose of this blog, I've established the domain, and will be populating that domain with new articles and news, as well as tools and resources for fellow investigators who are also wading through these dark and mysterious waters. I will post an update here when the new domain is ready. There's much more information to publish and discuss, so I look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks to all of the loyal readers who have been following along and commenting along the way, there's much more to come. Stay tuned!