The U.S. Air Force, The C.I.A. and Aliens

What do aliens, ghosts, and the U.S. government have in common? Answer: People mistakenly assume that all three have more intelligence than they do.

In this post, we're going to go cover a phenomenon that many researchers often uncover after they've been involved in the field of the paranormal (be it ghosts, aliens, psychic abilities, or whatever) for over two or three years. The government is involved. Just not in the way that you may think.

Ever wonder why ex-military folks are always so interested in UFOs and aliens? I mean, take this guy for example:

This is former Air Force Sergeant Richard C. Doty. Served a short stint in Germany, got himself into some sort of hot water over there, got shipped back to the United States, and while serving in his reduced capacity at Kirtland Air Force base, was central in driving a guy named Bennewitz insane.

Who was Bennewitz? Just some guy who lived and worked near the base, and had developed an avid interest in UFOs. Bennewitz made the mistake of developing an electrical device that could pick up radio signals from the nearby air base where classified flights were taking place. In 1981, Bennewitz wrote a report called "Project Beta." Doty, at the time an Air Force staff member, descended upon Bennewitz and inflicted the worst known psychological warfare tactics upon a civilian in the Air Force's entire history. The saga ended with Bennewitz in a mental institution. As far as anyone will admit, Sergeant Rick Doty eventually retired without incident. Although word has it (depending on who you talk to) that he did not have the greatest reputation within the Air Force. With that said, one of his closest friends, Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green, reports that he was told by a number of high ranking intelligence officials that Rick Doty could be trusted. Confused yet? We've only gotten started.



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