US is Warned of China Cyber Spying

Throughout the history of China, spying against the U.S. has been a primary military and intelligence objective, and the people of China are actively involved. According to a recent BBC news report, an "influential Washington congressional panel" reports that China has been accessing "sensitive US databases."

Are the People of China Using the Internet to Spy?

According to the report, the panel warns that China is accessing sensitive information from US computer networks and that China is utilizing "cyber-warfare" capabilities against U.S. interests.
The allegations against China are that the Chinese are searching for U.S. secrets in government databases, but more disturbingly, they are also searching for industrial secrets within U.S. corporations as well. This issue speaks highly to the importance that U.S. industrial facilities should place on trade secrets and technological research, particular related to military and government contracts. The report strongly indicates that the Internet is now the venue of choice for Chinese espionage.

Are the Chinese Using Aliens and UFO Communities to Spy?

A common thread among all of my own research over the past few years within the dark alleys of UFOlogy is an underlying interest by the U.S. government in the field of UFOlogy only so far as the potential for espionage and spying is concerned. Alien technology is a topic that far too many grown men within the Paranormal research communities discuss with a straight face. But far more disturbing is a pattern where these researchers, all U.S. citizens and in some cases former Intelligence or Military officers, are interfacing closely with Chinese nationals in order to collaborate on fringe technology research. Case in point - High Frequency Gravity Waves.

This man is Robert Baker. We'll get to his bio in a second. But first we need to understand the concept of High Frequency Gravitational Waves. Assuming that most readers are not trained in Physics, the following definition should suffice. A "Gravitational Wave" is what Quantum physicists define as a fluctuation in space-time as the wave propagates through space. These are typically waves that are discussed in terms of star systems, and energies that stars give off which actually travel through planets. They can not be directly detected using any sort of instruments, but they have been detected indirectly in Physics - in particular in measurements related to planetary systems in space.

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Fuzzy Physics

As we've seen throughout the history of scientific principles that are poorly understood, both borderline con-artist scientists and counter-intelligence specialists step in. Examples of Einsteinian theories are usually tossed around, and lots of theoretical physics is used as basis to attract a great deal of funding. defines itself on its website as "a Company dedicated to the research, development, and manufacture of products involving the generation, detection, and application of High-Frequency Gravitational Waves or "HFGWs," utilizing patented, proprietary technology."

It was founded in 2000 by Robert Baker, and the organization now lists the following top collaborators:
  • R. Clive Woods - Senior Scientific Investigator
  • Eric Davis - Senior Scientific Investigator
  • Andrew Beckwith - Scientific Investigator
  • Gary V. Stephenson - Scientific Investigator
  • Fangyu Li - Senior Scientific Advisor, China
  • Zhenyun Fang - Senior Scientific Advisor, China
Dr. Baker lists on his CV, among other things:
  • 2-year active duty in the Air Force working on various classified aerospace projects.
  • On the U.S. Army's Academic Review Committee on Gravitational Research from 2001 to 2003.
  • Advisory Professor Chongqing University, China in 2004.
  • Project Manager or Principle Investigator on several projects for the U.S. Navy, NASA, and USAF during his years as Director of the Lockheed Astrodynamic Research Center.
Yes, this is the same individual who is now rubbing elbows with the Chinese in order to develop what many classify as a technologythat could provide tremendous military and diplomatic advantage (if it were real.)

As Baker works in kahoots with the Chinese to help develop what some are calling the next generation of communications technology that could virtually change the world, we are receiving reports that congressional committees warn that China is interested in uncovering technological and industrial U.S. secrets. Confused?

Well let's clear it up and pave the way for the next blog entry. The NIAC would not fund Baker's research. The AFOSR would not fund Baker's research. The NSF would not fund Baker's research. The Chinese, however, are throwing lots of money into HFGW research, and GravWave is there to sweep up those funds.

Guess who else is there?

I'll give you two clues.

The guy sitting near the head of the table in this photo is Dr. Hal Puthoff, who was also Co-Chair of the 2007 HFGW Workshop.

In the next photo, the guy sitting to Baker's left is our good friend Dr. Kit Green. Dr. Green, by the way, recently moved to China, with his wife, to pursue collaborative research with a Chinese University.

Think this isn't serious business? The following is a quote from a 2007 USA Today article on Chinese technology espionage:

Since 2001, the number of FBI investigations of suspected Chinese economic espionage cases increased 12%. "The basis for the whole program is money. People (in the USA) are looking to make a buck. China has money to spend," says Carlson.

China's technology-targeting differs from classic Cold War-era spying, which pitted American intelligence agents against their KGB counterparts. Along with using intelligence professionals, China seeks to capitalize on some of the thousands of Chinese and Chinese-American engineers, researchers, scientists and students who fill key positions in U.S. industry and academia, say current and former U.S. counterintelligence officials.

"This is not some 'yellow peril' witch hunt. … The counterintelligence environment in terms of China right now is just white-hot," says James Mulvenon, director of the Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis, a Washington, D.C., think tank that advises U.S. intelligence agencies.

If you still think this is about Aliens and UFOs, you're mistaken. This is much more serious.