The Bored CIA Analyst

Ultimately, clues to answers regarding alien sightings and UFO alien experiences can be provided by what the government and the Air Force, in particular, actually knows regarding these events. Unfortunately, when we examine CIA involvement and the involvement of other government agences in the field of UFO alien sights from the 1970s through the 1980s, we discover the same old names that were listed by Bill Moore in his famous "Aviary" list of alleged government "insiders" and non-government stooges.

So then, how do we seperate the disinformation from the information? Is any of it information at all? For years, countless UFO investigators report that the majority of their involvement with these "insiders" involves a process where the alleged intelligence officer goes about extracting information from the researcher, not the other way around. According to my own recent experiences, this is most definitely the case. However, the question remains, why and when did this former CIA officer meet with Doty, a person who'd been causing trouble by creating fabricated UFO reports since the 1970s or earlier? The answer to why may lie in the earlier story surrounding this fascinating and brilliant mind and personality.