What is an Alien Abduction?

Have you ever wondered about the reality of what is an alien abduction? Ufology and abduction research is a very small, close-knit community of folks who work together to generate, publish and promote media and information to the general public. Although the general public is often intrigued by the topic of extraterrestrial life in the movie theater, when it comes to entertaining the notion of aliens outside the fantasy of the movie theater, the size if the audience shrinks dramatically. Many people enjoy fantasizing about the prospect - but few are willing to entertain the notion that it could actually be real.

Examining What is an Alien Abduction

One of the most famous abduction cases often repeated throughout Ufology literature is the strange alien abduction case of Betty and Barny Hill. If you've read any of the more popular Ufology books that cover the alien abduction phenomenon, such as Missing Time by Budd Hopkins or The Threat by David Jacobs, then you've likely heard mention of the case. In this general neck of the woods in Maine and New Hampshire, Betty and Barney Hill were (and still are) legends. There isn't a single moment when I'm driving the same route down from Montreal when I don't look up at the night sky and think about the experience Betty and Barney Hill say they had along that same stretch of road.



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