JASON Physicists Discredit Baker and HFGW

Recent news demands a follow-up to the previous article covering Robert Baker, his company Gravwave and it's collaboration with foreign scientists, as well as the support that Hal Puthoff offered him in helping to host one of the HFGW conferences.

The Jason Group Analyzes Baker's HFGW Proposals

In October of 2008, the JASON group of the MITRE Corporation released the results of a several-month study covering Robert Baker's alleged HFGW technology. The report outlined the reason for the study as follows (emphasis is mine):

"The JASON study was motivated by proposals to the US government by a group centered around the company GravWave R LLC, the CEO of which is Dr. Robert M.L. Baker, Jr. An important proposal is a concept for a detector of HFGW, by Baker and Dr. Fangyu Li of Chongqing University, China; see [10, 11, 12] and references cited therein."

In other words the group (the members of which remained unnamed) presented proposals to the U.S. government regarding, most likely, potential funding of the research. As shown in the previous update - after failing to obtain funding from the U.S. government, the group apparently thought that that foreign investors may be more willing and able.